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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Water Damage Cleanup

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

tagged water shut off valve This shut-off valve is located in the garage, which is fairly common.

Water Damage Cleanup

Walking into your home or business and discovering a water disaster can be overwhelming. Often people are left confused about what to do or what actions to take. Here at SERVPRO of Fernandina Beach/Jacksonville Northeast, our goal is to help not only restore property but also to restore peace of mind. Here are a few actions to take once you discover water damage in your home or business.

Get the air moving

Once the topical water has been removed, you will want to create good airflow through the room. Giving floors and personal items the optimal conditions to dry is key, and good airflow will do just that. Placing fans in the affected room, and ensuring airflow will help to remove the humidity from the room, allowing for better drying conditions.

Turn off the electrical supply

Electricity and water are a dangerous mixture of elements. Especially if there is any flooding, be sure to turn off the electricity to your home before entering the affected area. Find the breaker box to your home, and switch off the main breaker to your home, as well as the specific affected room. This will help to eliminate the danger of electrocution while entering the flooded area.

Quickly shut off the water source

This may seem like an obvious action, but statistics show a drastic decline in the damage incurred based on how quickly the water source is shut off. Instead of trying to first determine where the water is coming from, shut off your water altogether and devise a better plan to discover the source. It is very easy to get caught up in finding the source in the middle of the commotion rather than going directly to the shutoff, which will help the most to eliminate the damage.

We understand how difficult experiencing a disaster in your home or business can be. It is our hopes and effort to not only restore your property, but also your peace of mind. If you have experienced water damage, contact us today at 904.729.2401.

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